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Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Baby powder and talcum powders have been used for decades by women all around the world. Now, lawsuits allege these powders increase the chance for ovarian cancer in women who use the product on their genitals.

How exactly does talcum or baby powder cause cancer? When used on the female genitals, the talc can travel up to the ovaries and become lodged in the tissues. Though talc is a natural mineral, the body cannot easily rid itself of the substance. Consequently, inflammation and cancerous tumors can form on the ovaries. A 1971 study first linked talc to the development of ovarian cancer. Yet more than 30 years later, Johnson and Johnson still have not included any kind of warnings on their product labels.

The link between talc and cancer has been highly researched, with some studies suggesting women who use talc on their genitals are 92% more likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who do not. This fact alone should have been enough motivation for talcum powder manufacturers to warn their customers of the potential dangers. Sadly, nothing was done to educate the consumers about the product and its potential side effects.

Johnson and Johnson was sued in 2013 by a woman who developed cancer after using their talc powder for many years. Following the case, researchers recommended the company add in health warnings about the carcinogenic nature of the product. Still, Johnson and Johnson have chosen not to follow such recommendations.

Talcum Cancer Lawsuits

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