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Consumers around the world are discovering the health risks associated with talc – and they’re demanding change. Malaysia’s Consumer Association of Penang recently advocated for a recall of talcum powder and a ban on all talc-based products. This comes on the heels of a $72 million victory for the family of an ovarian cancer victim. The family’s matriarch succumbed to her illness, which jury members agreed was likely caused by baby powder.

CAP expressed concerned about talc damaging reproductive systems, but also noted the potential link between the powder and respiratory problems. Some studies have found that thousands of infants are killed, or made seriously ill, each year after inhaling baby powder.

Leading baby powder seller Johnson and Johnson is a U.S. based company whose products are used all over the world. In spite of the numerous studies confirming the link between talc and health hazards like ovarian cancer, the company has refused to list any kind of warning on its product labels. For most advocates, a warning label would be a start in addressing the issue, but ultimately, they will not be satisfied until this dangerous product is pulled from shelves completely.

As more of the world becomes aware of this link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, we’ll inevitably see more calls for bans and recalls from countries big and small. Pharmaceutical giants like Johnson and Johnson owe it to their customers to be honest about the risks associated with talc. Health and safety, above all else, should be considered when marketing such products to the general public.

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