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Many people assume that because baby powder is intended for children’s hygiene, it is a safe product. Sadly, this is not the case. Talc, though a natural substance, can work its way into the ovaries when applied to the genitals. There, it irritates the tissues. One study found that in 13 women with ovarian cancer, 10 were found with talc particles deeply embedded in their bodies.

Johnson and Johnson, one of the leading baby and talcum powder companies in the country, has resisted sharing such information with its customers. In spite of at least 9 peer-reviewed medical studies attesting to the link between the product and cancer, Johnson and Johnson has neither changed their formula nor warned users of the potential for danger.

Johnson and Johnson was sued in 2013 by a woman who developed cancer after using their talc powder for many years. Johnson and Johnson is now facing a number of lawsuits over their alleged cancer causing baby and talcum powders. The company has denied the cancer link.

There are alternatives to talcum and baby powders. Other brands have created cornstarch based body powders that work just as well as talcum powder but without the risk of cancer. If you use talcum or baby powder, avoid using it for feminine hygiene purposes or consider an alternative.

Talcum Cancer Lawsuits

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