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Studies Find Link Between Talcum and Cancers

Concerns about the connection between talc and certain types of cancer are growing. For more than thirty years, scientists have studied the link between the common household product and both lung and ovarian cancer. Many assume that baby powder – a product used by both infants and adults alike – is safe to sprinkle onto genitals to promote hygiene. In fact, studies have reported, this may instead lead to the development of ovarian cancer.

The American Cancer Society has outlined some of the main facts about this link and about how to safely use talcum and baby powders without the risks associated with the products. They recommend never using the powders on female genitalia, as the talc powders can travel into the ovaries and cause irritation. Over time, that irritation can become cancerous. Talc miners are also at risk of developing cancer. When they breathe in talc, which can often asbestos, they can develop respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

Johnson and Johnson, one of the leading sellers of talcum powder, has resisted labeling their products with warnings about the potential dangers associated with talc. Despite decades of warnings from scientists, the company has chosen not to keep their customers informed of the hazards. Because of this, several lawsuits have been launched against the pharmaceutical giant.

If you use baby or talcum powder, avoid applying it to the genital area. Another option is to switch to a cornstarch based powder. Such products have not been found to cause cancers like talc based powders.

Talcum Cancer Lawsuits

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