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700+ Talcum Powder Lawsuits Filed Against Johnson and Johnson

Most people associate baby powder with diaper changes and bath time for toddlers, but for millions of women, baby and talcum powder usage has been a daily ritual for decades. The leading seller of such products, Johnson and Johnson, even marketed the product with the tag line “just a sprinkle a day keeps the odor away.” The link between feminine hygiene and talcum powder has been long dismissed by doctors, but the link between the product and ovarian cancer is just becoming more well-known.

Ovarian Cancer Risk

When women use talcum and talc-based baby powders on their genitals, talc particles can make their way inside the body and into the ovaries. The internal irritation caused by the talc can eventually cause ovarian cancer to develop. Despite dozens of studies through the decades linking talc to cancer, Johnson and Johnson has refused to include any kind of warning about the dangers associated with the product. Because of this, more than 700 lawsuits have been filed against the company.

Why Aren’t Women Being Warned?

As awareness grows about the risks talcum powder presents, there will likely be more lawsuits filed against Johnson and Johnson. Until they decide to warn their customers of the dangers, more women may continue to use the powder in hazardous ways. The pharmaceutical giant’s decision not to inform its customers of the carcinogenic nature of its baby powder is a threat to public health.

If you know someone who uses baby or talcum powder in their beauty routine, warn them of the possibilities of ovarian cancer. It’s up to each woman to decide whether to use the product or not, but at the very least, consumers deserve to be informed of the risks.

Be Advised: Johnson and Johnson isn’t the only manufacturer of talc-based body powders.

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

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